Split Milk in chicken casserole....

familychch, Sep 15, 3:57am
Is there any thing i can do?
Im cooking this in the crockpot, using evaporated milk.

familychch, Sep 15, 4:05am
anyone? I'm freaking out here.... 16 people are arriving soon for tea!!!

winnie231, Sep 15, 4:07am
Add some cornstarch mixed with cold water - should bind it back together ok.

winnie231, Sep 15, 4:13am
Alternatively - if you can pour off the liquid then do so - blend or wizz it & re-add to casserole. Blending the liquid will emulsify it.

martine5, Sep 15, 4:13am
Whatever you do don't cry over it!!

familychch, Sep 15, 4:14am
hmmm, ok, i have done... it's tastes good, but it looks like crap.

winnie231, Sep 15, 4:15am
You could disguise the not-so-goodlooking casserole under a savoury crumble topping.

familychch, Sep 15, 4:16am
Trying not too! *lesson learnt* 'Don't try a new receipe when having guests....'

juli55, Sep 15, 4:16am
Familychch, as previous poster said, mix a tablespoon of cornflour with a little water, to make thin cream, and add to casserole.Will thicken up nicely.

familychch, Sep 15, 4:17am
Good idea, thanks.

fee1965, Sep 15, 4:17am
Would adding cream bring it all together?

martine5, Sep 15, 4:23am
I like the hiding it idea, any filo pastry maybe.What about stirring a whole heap of herbs through it last minute?

martine5, Mar 20, 4:49pm
I wouldn't have thought so.