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carlos57, Aug 22, 12:47am
Hi. Having just come back from the supermarket, I've found I don't have breadcrumbs in the cupboard. What could be a substitute! I have soft breadcrumbs, water crackers, chippies, rolled oats etc! Any good substitutes there! I've used crushed water crackers in the past, but mixed them with breadcrumbs. TIA

datoofairy, Aug 22, 12:49am
I prefer fresh bread crumbs, much yummier.Just make sure your cooking oil is the right temp or the crumbs will soak up too much oil.
Or you can toast the bread first.

carlos57, Aug 22, 12:53am
OK, thanks - plenty of those in the freezer :)

datoofairy, Aug 22, 12:55am
Now I want schnitzel for dinner tonight

lx4000, Aug 22, 1:00am
make sure you crumb in advance and have it in the fridge for a few hours before you cook!

carlos57, Aug 22, 1:00am
Haha! It was on special at Pak n Save here. I've spoilt my children and they now expect ham and cheese in their schnitzel every time I make it.

carlos57, Aug 22, 1:01am
Thanks, always do that :) About to get it ready now.

terraalba, Aug 22, 1:15am
When I boarded with a family back in the 1960, I was introduced to Schnitzel and the mum used to use fresh breadcrumbs and some kind of garlic powder. It was delicious.

rainrain1, Aug 22, 1:17am
make your own

jag5, Aug 22, 1:30am
Add salt and pepper to the crumbs and grated Parmesan too.cook in a mix of oil and butter.really very very nice.hmmm might be our dinner too.

carlos57, Aug 22, 2:07am
In the fridge all prepared. I added a sprinkling of mixed herbs to the crumbs. Thanks for the help :)

datoofairy, Aug 22, 2:08am
What time should we be there!

jennyfenny1, Aug 22, 2:25am
schnitzel von crumb (with the very low tum)

kendy2, Aug 22, 2:28am
I use Molenberg (sp) bread and put (according to your taste) Maggi chicken stock in it. Yummo!

carlos57, Aug 22, 3:42am
About 5.30 - you'll have to fight with my kids over the biggest pieces though ;)

carlos57, Aug 22, 3:43am
That's what I call it too when the kids ask what's for dinner :)

carlos57, Aug 22, 9:03am
It was very yummy with the fresh breadcrumbs. Think that will be my usual way of preparing it now :) Thanks

bobyt, Aug 22, 9:16am
I some times use stuffing mix

camper18, Aug 22, 10:14pm
Garlic salt in the egg, and stuffing mix for coating. Yum

jubre, Aug 23, 12:08am
Ive never really liked schnitzel. I always turns out like cardboard for me.
What is the ham and cheese one, do you roll it with ham and cheese in it !

carlos57, Aug 23, 12:24am
jubre, I'm no gourmet cook, so I just put a couple of small pieces of ham and a slice of cheese in between two pieces of schnitzel (or one folded in half). Seal with a little water on my finger, and then egg and crumb them :)

245sam, Aug 23, 12:39am
jubre, schnitzel prepared as carlos57 has advised is usually known as Schnitzel Cordon Bleu which you may have already heard of but just not realised what it actually was/is.:-))

valentino, Aug 23, 1:50am
I don't use any breadcrumbs when doing schnitzel, just flour preferably wholegrain and the milk-egg mixture.
Sometimes will add a wee bit of spice or a special seasoning mixed in the normal flour.
I also flour them first then into egg mixture then flour again, this last one preferably wholegrain.

fee1965, Aug 23, 1:57am
crushed cornflakes!

crzyhrse, Aug 27, 11:41am

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