Pickled Ginger Recipe

floralsun, Apr 27, 6:55am
I've visited a friend this afternoon, we got talking recipes - as usual :-) - some years ago she made pickled ginger to use in sushi, however has lost the recipe. .
There are recipes online, however does anyone have a tried and true recipe for pickled ginger please? Thanks for help.

nauru, Apr 28, 5:32am
I have used the following recipe a few times and it's very nice. I slice the ginger very thinly rather than cutting into chunks as the recipe says.

floralsun, Apr 29, 6:47am
Thanks so much Nauru - I'll make it as a surprise for my friend :-)

nauru, Apr 29, 7:01am
You are welcome floralsun, enjoy. I made sushi for lunch today and we had some of the ginger with that along with some seaweed salad which I buy from our local sushi shop.

floralsun, Apr 29, 7:02am
Oh delicious! :-)

clair4, Apr 29, 8:00am
Looks yum, how long does it keep please? I also love the preserved ginger that you can buy at the Bin Inn.

nauru, Apr 29, 12:03pm
It keeps quite a while in the fridge.

whitehead., Sep 1, 2:11am
thankyou for that i love ginger

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