Pavlova topping- really excellent!

Add the seeds of a vanilla pod to a bottle of supermarket cream with half a teaspoon of sugar - leave in the fridge for three days shaking daily - then whip it and add to a Pav - a simple fast track to heaven!

Chef_willyow, Feb 14, 5:35 am

Or just make a third of the amount of sauce if that is all you want to use it for and less of everything needed.

Chef_pig-gal, Feb 14, 8:11 am

I used a bought pav, and mixed whipped cream and mascapone (with vanilla ess and icing sugar). Then added broken up hokey pokey ( I had to make this, took me 2 attempts, least said the better!). That gets spread on the pav, then add chopped up nectarines, the rest of the hokey pokey, and a delicious toffee sauce which was 400g brown sugar, 400g butter ( what's not to like! ) and about 300ml of cream added after the butter and sugar has melted. Oh, found this recipe in a magazine, I'm not this clever!

Chef_dannydonut, Jan 11, 9:46 pm


Chef_2603962, Jan 12, 8:08 pm

Sounds yummy - my homemade hokey pokey is rubbish so I am going to give it a go using broken up crunchie bars.

Chef_jwjmummy, Jan 12, 8:27 pm

Yeah sounds really yummy. But way too much fat to even think about making it!

Chef_wheelz, Jan 12, 9:33 pm

That's good because then you will not get to eat all that sugar.

Chef_buzzy110, Jan 13, 4:14 pm

do you use all to the toffee sauce? or just some of it?

Chef_duckmoon, Jan 13, 5:02 pm

Oops, sorry, forgot I posted this! Duckmoon, it makes shedloads of sauce! I only used maybe 1/3 of it. I am thinking to freeze the rest- very soon!

Chef_dannydonut, Jan 14, 7:55 pm

This sauce keeps for up to 2 weeks in the fridge, just zap in microwave til liquid again or it can be frozen - I would freeze it in single portions so that you are not thawing the whole amount out at once. Also, if you bring it to the boil, simmer for 5 mins then once off the heat add a dash of vanilla extract/essence you will have an even better toffee sauce - trust me!

Chef_fee1965, Mar 2, 12:53 pm

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