Christmas Cake Topping - HELP!

estarr-727, Dec 14, 9:49am
I've made a Christmas Cake - and have since decided I'd like to put a nut topping on it! is it too late? All the recipes I've seen so far say you need to cook the topping onto the cake? Does anyone know how to put a topping on before you serve it?
Would love some feedback - THanks

245sam, Dec 14, 11:58am
estarr-727, I always ice my Christmas cake so I can't advise you from personal experience re decorating the cake in preference to icing it but about a couple of weeks ago on Good Morning a Christmas cake was made then decorated - it appeared to be a very easy straightforward process. Have a look at:-

Look for the section headed "Cake Decoration".

Hope that helps. :-))

gardie, Dec 14, 4:56pm
I've seen them with a toffee nut mix piled up on top which is done afterwards.Vaguely remember seeing a recipe for something similar on here - maybe a muffin topping.