Topping for fish. Ideas please

charlieb2, May 2, 4:13am
I'm going to bake some fish in the oven for dinner tonight... and I have in mind some sort of delish topping... . Just not sure what to put in... Any ideas?

I was sort of thinking of breadcrumbs, lemon rind... . maybe parmesean?

kcak, May 2, 4:36am
I do fresh breadcrumbs, lemon zest, salt, pepper, fresh dill, parsley & coriander. Fry in 1/2 & 1/2 butter & oil to make breadcrumbs crispy. I haven't tried parmesan (but use the same mix with parmesan on chicken) on fish as it might be a bit strong. You could always try just a little.

toadfish, May 2, 4:40am
Well hello Ms Charlieb2, I just saw this in the what are we having for dinner thread. I am not a big fish eater... as you know... But this looked yummy enough to pursuade me to try it... I even put Fish on my shopping list!

charlieb2, May 2, 4:42am
Hello Mrs Toadie... ! ! ! Yes I saw that and thought the same. Unfortunately I dont have all the ingredients for it tonight... I dont 'do' fish very often either as I just hate the smell... dont mind a freshly caught one done by mr on the bbq! ! ! lol

Will definitely be trying elliehens recipe though

fisher, May 2, 5:39am
Just wrap the fish fillets in tin foil... place knobs of butter on foil. . some half slices of lemon and then fish on top... white pepper and salt and then some parsley. . wrap up and a dosh of white wine before you seal. . 12 mins each side in the oven depending on fish thickness. .
Meanwhile make a white sauce and add a little grated tasty cheese and some dill... fresh if you have it, but masterfoods will do :}} Open your fish pockets and serve. . drizzle the sauce over the top...

bedazzledjewels, Mar 24, 5:10pm
Charlie - if you've got some raw macadamia nuts around, there's a recipe in the LCC site for baked fish with macadamia topping.