Cheese on toast, what other yummy topping

sammy-gurl, May 30, 4:19am
ideas does everyone have

jessie981, May 30, 4:24am
I beat an egg, add grated cheese, top the uncookd bread & add (opt) onion, bacon, tomatoes. If you place in oven 2 rung from the bottom the top & bottom cook a the same time. For xtra melting, crspnessput under grill at the end for a few mins.

holz22, May 30, 4:26am
marmite under the cheese is good :)

motorbo, May 30, 5:46am
i used to do that jessie on vogels! ! great party food and they even taste great cold

sophia4, May 30, 6:00am
tomato puree and tuna with cheese like a mini pizza... brie/camembert chopped tomato and avocado... fried mushrooms and cheese... .

bigcous, May 30, 6:01am
cheese and flavoured tuna

245sam, May 30, 6:06am
grated cheese, eggs and soup mix as in Toastie Puffs on this link:- php? f=28&t=717

kabbo, May 30, 6:45am
i love tomato sauce on my cheese on toast. all bubbly and mixes with the cheese when it melts.

auntlb, May 30, 9:12am
beaten egg, mixed with grated tasty cheese and a dash of worchester sauce spread on to bread and baked - yumm

perle, May 30, 9:16am
mayo, watties homestyle sauce and cheese yum

cookessentials, May 30, 10:24am
grated cheese, a little cream and worcestershire sauce- which is a very basic Welish rarebit. Mix well, then lightly toast bread first, spread topping and pop under the grill

amiri1, May 30, 10:41am
Garlic butter, cheese and sometimes thinly sliced mushroom! I like simple! :)

haulier, May 30, 5:59pm
cottage cheese, then a mixture of onion, tomato, bacon, pineapple and grated cheese previously mixed together on vogels under the grill.

bm4, May 30, 6:05pm
add sweet chilli sauce and garlic

sikofstuf, May 30, 9:49pm
cream cheese and tinned salmon, mmmmm.

maandpa2b, May 31, 7:38am
Garlic sliced is awesome... . not to social but great if you have a cold you want to frighten away.
Chutney and Tamarillos are 2 others...

dian2, May 31, 9:21am
Anything you like on pizza is great on grilled cheesy toast

zubenelgenubi, May 31, 10:30pm
Mmm... my late father's "mousetraps". Can of sardines mixed with grated cheese, tomato sauce and worcestor sauce (I add some chilli flakes because I'm addicted to them). Unfortunately, no one seems to like them but me so I don't have them often.

crystalmoon, Jun 1, 12:42am
I know its not savoury but my favourite toast topping is crunchy peanut butter and a firm banana sliced on topMMMmmmmmm... . .

red2, Jun 25, 3:43am
fresh homegrown tomatoes , salt and ground black pepper on toast is hard to beat - also creamed corn , cheese and parsley comes a close second