Biscuit Base with a topping of Pineapple and ?

jaybee6, Dec 10, 8:22am
Sugar. Mixed with cornflour and spread over base. This was a receipe on here but now I can not find it and only got it half written down when i was called away and then forgot to go back to it. Please can someone help me out with this as it sounded real nice and easy. Thanks.

jessie981, Dec 10, 9:01am
Try Might be lucky.

jaybee6, Dec 10, 9:11am
Thanks I know its on here but just cant find it. It sounded so nice and very simple. It started off
In a pot melt and disolve 1 cup of sugar.
when disolved add large tin of crushed p. apple keeping back some juice for later. Stir through on low heat. Mix 5 tablespoonsd of cornflour and threeThat is as far as I got grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I so want the rest of it.

bisloy, Dec 10, 9:25am
Picking jelly would be the 3 of.

jessie981, Dec 10, 9:37am
A lot of recipe on here get saved to Trademecooks. Have you had a look?

trish441, Dec 10, 10:18pm
The three might be custard powder as my mum used to make a pineapple pie filling useing a tin of crushed pineapple and thickening it with custard powder. You can do the same with any tinned fruit.

justbrowsing99, Mar 13, 5:02am
This is the recipe you're after - it was originally posted by talent. scout and was a great hit with my family at Christmas.

Sweet Shortbread 5 tbsp Custard Powder
1 C Water3 egg yolks
1 C SugarPineapple Juice (set aside earlier)
large tin Crushed Pineapple 1 tsp Vanilla Essence

Make a sweet shortbread crust (or a plain biscuit base if you prefer). I used a biscuit base from a cheesecake recipe found in the microwave Edmonds Cookbook. Then in a saucepan, melt together
1 C water
1 C sugar
When dissolved (don’t worry if not fully dissolved), add a large tin of crushed pineapple (keeping some of the juice aside for later). stir through on a low heat.
In a small bowl or cup, mix 5 tablespoons of custard powder (or cornflour if you don’t have any), and three egg yolks... . using the remaining pineapple juice to combine, and a teaspoon of vanilla essence. When lump free... add to the saucepan with the sugar/water/pineapple mix...
Pour the custard mix, into the baked base.
Now you have two choices... . .
add a meringue topping (2 egg whites beaten till peaked... and 1/3 C sugar), then bake till top is cooked
or let pie cool and top with fresh, whipped cream.

crails, Aug 5, 6:48am
Bumping for the lady who wanted Pineapple Pie

jaybee6, Aug 9, 9:21am
Thank you have found it at last. Cheers to all.

tazzaboy2, Jan 24, 4:55pm
jelly! ! . . my mum made this like a cheesecake. . so delish! ! !