Help with biscuit base please........

korbo, May 30, 2:58am
have just made a slice, that uses a pckt of malt bis, 200g butter, put that in tin, then it has layers, ending up with con milk. you cook the slice...
just cut it and all i have for the base, is the crumbs. . I did put the butter in... . any ideas please. it was to be for a special morning tea, so will now let family eat. I have made this many times, and always the base cooks ok... . i used rolling butter, rest of baking is fine.
help please... . .

korbo, May 30, 10:14am
anyone? ?

245sam, May 30, 10:31am
korbo, this might not be the answer but I wonder with that brand of butter as with some but NOT all other brands of butter, if it has added water in its ingredient list? ? - maybe the water of the butter was too high and the fat content too low? ? :-))

245sam, May 30, 11:34am
oops, that last sentence should read... . .

maybe the water content of the butter was too high and the fat content too low? ? :-))

lulu239, May 30, 6:35pm
I was in a hurry once and had the same thing happen to me. I just presumed that I didn't press the base of a slice down firm enough. But I can see now with other ingredients that there has been a change in their manufacture that there are mishaps to some of our tried and true recipes. I am fed up with some of the icing sugar tasting quite gritty. I think the list could go on and on.

cookessentials, May 30, 9:39pm
I think perhaps it is the butter. Some are adding extra water to make it go further.

kcak, May 30, 10:17pm
I make the same slice and find that it slices better if left for a day - if that's possible.

splitty, May 30, 11:01pm
Yep, I have checked the labels of lots of butter brands and the only one I have found so far that doesn't have water is Anchor. Rolling Meadow has Cream, water and salt listed in its ingredients and the rest have cream, salt and water. On ingredients listings they are listed from biggest amount to smallest so Rolling Meadow has more water than the rest and imo doesn't seem to do such a great job in baking.

jesse83, Jun 21, 6:42pm
i had this happen a few days ago with uncooked chocolate slice using round wine biscuits. Used Budget round wine bics and anchor butter, was just crumbs, didn't set.

I agree with lulu, the manufacture is done "elsewhere" now, makes you wonder what is in them.