Cheesecake with a gingernut biscuit base?

52many, Dec 11, 5:53am
Has anyone made one of these and would care to share the receipe as tried and true? Thanks.

karenmarie20, Dec 11, 5:57am
yum Id like to know to? just started a thread asking for treat ideas.

rosathemad, Dec 11, 6:11am
I made one a wee while back - - but you can use gingernuts in place of whatever biscuits your recipe calls for. I added a little bit of ground ginger to my base as well. If you want to perpetuate the ginger flavour adding a couple of teaspoons of crushed ginger to the filling works well - just add to your taste (even better, gives you a legitimate excuse to sample!). :-)

52many, Dec 11, 6:24am
Om my gosh rosathemad. That is exactly the receipe I saw somewhere and are a godess!! Thank you!!!!!!OMG. I cant believe it!

rosathemad, Dec 11, 6:52am
Glad to be able to help! :-) Let me know how it goes!

52many, Dec 11, 6:54am
Well, it's for christmas, so it had better turn out okay, lol! I'm sure it will.....and yes, I will let you no. Thank you once again....

wildflower, Dec 12, 3:20am
I did a cheesecake with gingernut base and raspberries, went well together.

dbab, Dec 12, 4:31am
How do you guys crumb the gingernuts? They are so hard, I'm a bit scared to put them in the food processor as they make such a racket!

iamkat, Dec 12, 5:04am
break them up into 1/4s first then the will still make a bit of racket but it will over quicker and drop them down the chute while the machine is going - and for added protection wear earmuffs lol

battgirl, Dec 12, 5:12am
Ok. Here's my 4 ingredient cheesecake (sounds too good to be true but it really is fantastic). Gingernut base of butter and biscuits (home brand version crumbles better) = 2 ingredients. Stir together 1 tub sour cream with 1 can drained crushed pineapple = 2 more ingredients. Pour into biscuit base and bake for 20-30mins or until set. Chill. Eat. Marvel.

katewest, Dec 12, 5:48am
battgirl- how much butter? And how big a can of pineapple?

jills3, Dec 12, 5:50am
Excellent thank you, will definitely try this cheesecake.

52many, Oct 19, 11:15pm
Second that much butter, how much pineapple? Sounds yummy!!! I used to work in a cafe that served these absolutely delicious cheescakes, they looked awesome. The chef would never ever give me the receipes, sigh! And their bases went all the way up the sides of the cheescake. Looked very imressive.