Gingernut log- recipe says soak in sherry,

simber1, Dec 17, 7:34am
i havent any so what else could i use! .Thanks

ngacooky, Dec 17, 7:43am
any sort of juice will do

nunesy, Dec 17, 7:45am
If you use put chopped tinned peaches in the log (drained well) you can soak the biscuits in the juice - really nice.

amiri1, Dec 17, 8:56am
I realise you probably don't have any on hand but soaking them in green ginger wine is sooooo nice with this dessert!

kiwigal007, Dec 17, 8:57am
Mum used to soak them in pineapple juice, YUM!

jag5, Dec 17, 9:14am
even milk does the trick.

jbsouthland, Dec 17, 9:15am
any fruit juice

nik12, Dec 17, 10:25am
I use fruit juice or lemonade

ace441, Dec 17, 7:20pm
Soak in gingerale - yum

biggles45, Dec 17, 7:20pm
I use fruit juice or whisky

gr8stuf4me, Dec 17, 9:26pm
Chocolate Chip Bickies soaked in Baileys is delicious too!

rainrain1, Dec 17, 10:29pm
Now that sounds a bit of alright

chrisbarton, Dec 18, 3:16am

aurora5, Dec 18, 4:23am
My hubby used to make this for work shout and he would use ginger ale.

nauru, Dec 18, 4:42am
Will have to give this one a go

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