Gingernut biscuits as base for wee treats

melinda1, Dec 17, 5:24am
HELP- Daughter read somewhere about using gingernut biscuits as base for wee treats. She knows to place biscuits over patty tins, warm in oven then gently push down into tin to make a shell to fill. What to fill with please? Has about half a container of cream cheese and needs to make a filling for biscuits tonight. Any suggestions gratefully appreciated.

petal1955, Dec 17, 6:55am
Crushed pineapple thicken with a little custard powder and water then topped with whipped cream

pauline999, Dec 17, 8:06am
I found using griffins gingernuts they were a bit too thick and hard. The Select ginger thins, or arnotts ginger bikkies gave a better result.

fifie, Nov 17, 7:45am
Whipped cream sprinkle with chopped crystalised ginger.

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