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firemansgirl, Jan 14, 10:07am
Wow, heaven in a 1 litre pack! Kapiti make gingernut icecream, it's divine. I had it with a pear tart tatin I made. Could have eaten the whole litre of it on my own!

donnabeth, Jan 14, 7:54pm
Kapiti must have spies in my kitchen lol. I'll have to keep an eye out for it. For years I've crushed gingernuts and mixed them through vanilla ice cream to serve with sticky date pudding.Chopping crystalised ginger through adds a bit of luxury to the flavour. It's also nice with pineapple pudding.

indy95, Jan 14, 11:22pm
Oh darn it, I knew I shouldn't have opened this thread ! I have been ignoring, or I should say trying to ignore this ice cream in the supermarket for weeks but my birthday is fast approaching and I'm afraid I may just succumb to temptation. Eating the whole lot on my own sounds like a really good idea !

wildflower, Jan 15, 2:33am
I made gingerbread ice cream a couple of summers ago but haven't made it again since but I think I will this summer.Just using a pack of HB gingernuts in homemade ice cream.Soften on freezing.

ldbaqbeak, Jan 15, 2:35am
I've made a homemade one too - wickedly good!

vivalafrankee, Jan 15, 2:40am
Yep you can get ginger nut icecream at Hell Pizza. Nom! If someone wants to make me some and drop it at my house they're more than welcome!

uli, Jan 15, 2:56am
You mean you are crushing bisquits into ice cream!
How strange!

wildflower, Jan 15, 3:32am
How's that strange!Surely you've heard of cookies and cream ice cream, also Tip Top did a gingerbread one several years ago.

uli, Jan 15, 5:19am
No actually I didn't hear of anything like that.

Maybe that is because I have no tv - or maybe because I never buy ice cream.

However I also never buy cookies - so it never occurred to me that a concoction like the above would be even edible LOL :)

Why not try REAL ice cream for once - you can make it yourself in 10 minutes:
eggs, cream and a bit of sugar and some flavourings. What could be better!

wildflower, Jan 15, 5:37am
I haven't bought ice cream in 3 years and I can't say I recall seeing cookies and cream advertised on tv; I have however seen recipes for it online and in the supermarket (Tip Top make, or made it).

I'm quite happy with the recipe I make from time to time during summer which has Highlander (milk and sugar) and cream.Not very different at all, just quicker.

jessie981, Jan 15, 5:44am
Sounds yummy. Are the Gingernut bits crunchy & not soft! Haven't noticed any Ice Cream adverts on TV for ages.

uli, Jan 15, 5:44am
Ahhh - another use of the old sweetened condensed milk - sorry to see our old thread on that topic has gone now - I am sure ellie will find it somewehere.

wildflower, Jan 15, 5:52am
Just looked at the lid of a couple of Tip Top ice cream containers I've recycled, neither mention eggs at all, cream, milk, sugar, milk solids.Better email TT and tell them it's not ice cream;)

The only ingredients in the Highlander lite in my pantry is skim milk and sugar.

uli, Jan 15, 5:55am
Well no - I do not think what you can buy is ice cream - it hasn't any cream in it. In fact some of it uses chicken fat instead of cream.

wildflower, Jan 15, 6:09am
Oh no, not that old rumour LOL.

You'd better sue TT for false advertising then as the first ingredient listed is cream; ingredients are listed in the order of highest percentage to lowest.No mention of chicken fat.

jessie981, Jan 15, 6:12am
Surely not!

wildflower, Jan 15, 6:18am
No, it's bull, an old rumour that used to circle around McDonalds milk shakes and ice creams LOL.

firemansgirl, Jan 15, 9:22am
They are soft, and sooooo moreish.

wheelz, Jan 15, 10:50am
IMO nothing worse than soggy biscuits, done any style, biscuits to me are meant to be crisp and crunchy. Now crystallised ginger in ice cream, that would be nice.

elliehen, Jan 16, 3:39am
Biscuits in icecream I will sometimes eat, but that word "bisquits" makes me feel slightly queasy.

elliehen, Jan 16, 3:42am
I've searched for interesting threads for you many times, but if you want to bump the stupid ones, you'll have to do that yourself ;)

uli, Jan 16, 4:20am

rarogal, Jan 16, 4:20am
You really should try it! I'm not an ice cream person, apart from the odd hokey pokey, but as I love ginger I tried the Kapiti one and it is to die for. Quite expensive, but a wonderful treat!

sossie1, Jan 16, 4:22am
mmmmm kapitit ice cream, just recently had the Affogato (local shop sells it by the scoop-and locals get a bit extra!)

hound31, Jan 16, 4:36am
I'm sure I have another few centimetres on the hips thanks to OP ! Yummmmy this is the besticecream I have tasted for ages, bought myself a tub for a treat today, and it's all mine.I love the TMMB

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