Lewis Road Rose flavoured icecream

awoftam, Aug 6, 7:44am
Anyone tried it? I did yesterday. Was quite lovely.

kaddiew, Aug 6, 7:51am
No, but have tried the Much Moore (yes, I know, probably not good quality) rose flavoured one. It was ok but wouldn't buy it again.

wasala, Aug 6, 11:02pm
Yes, it's divine but incredibly expensive. I've found a recipe and am going to try making my own.

badams1, Aug 7, 3:49am
wasala,willing to share youre recipe.

marree, Aug 7, 3:59am
I've never tried any of the Lewis Road products (I know, good quality, however very expensive). Recipe would be great to know (if it can be shared), and I'm guessing of course rosewater is an ingredient (just need to go easy on it - not too much!).

awoftam, Jan 9, 4:46pm
Yes its OTT price wise; won't be a regular at my table. Was thinking what fruit would help show case its flavours. Pears?

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