goats milk yoghurt or icecream or cheese recipe

jubli, Jan 25, 6:38am
We have now been given a milking goat and I would love some tried and tested recipes for making yoghurt or icecream or cheese with the excess milkI would appreciate your help Many thanks

makecheese, Jan 26, 11:45pm
Sorry I don't have goats but just remember with goats milk you use a lot less rennet than with cows milk. there is an excellent cheese making forum which has heaps of recipes and the mebers are very helpful www.cheeseforum.org good luck and have fun

mystiquestud, Jan 27, 9:59am
Ooo I have cheese cultures here to make soft cheeses with my goats milk... ... . I like the blanc fromage one best, apparently its more suited to cows milk, but its pretty addictive when made from goats milk here! Doesnt last longer than a day or 2 =P

jubli, Jan 29, 9:59pm
thank you for the web site also where can I find cheese cultures?

kamitchell, Jan 29, 10:29pm
Where abouts are you in Hamilton? We are in Matangi and we milk two does, and we also make cheese with the surplus milk. Its great :)

jubli, Jan 31, 7:24am
we are in Te Pahu and would love to pick your brains - what kind of cheese do you make?
I have been resonalbe successful with making icecream, but the yoghurt and cheese has been a disaster!

jubli, Jan 31, 7:25am
oops! just spotted the spelling mistake should have read resonably!

sazrim, Jul 22, 3:17am
I make goat milk yogurt in my easiyo yogurt maker. Buy the goats milk drinking yogurt from the supermarket to use as a starter. Then when your yogurt is made you take some of that to use as starter for next batch. Just warm the fresh goats milk(google the appropriate temp)add the yogurt mix and biff them in the yogurt litre jug. Add the hot water round the outside and stick the litre jug in put lid on and walaa yogurt. I remember my parents used to make yogurt from our nanny when I was a kid(couldn't have dairy, still can't really)and used to make the yogurt and wrap it up and put in airing cupboard.

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