Has anyone made an icecream cake?

kebe, Feb 26, 2:32am
My daughter wants an icecream cake for her birthday and I thought I might try making one (with bought icecream). Has anyone done it before? Any tips? I was just going to buy two litres of icecream, put it in my round springform tin and pile lollies on top, with some kind of pretty band around the outside, but I'm not sure how to get a lolly mound without them all falling off (maybe mound up the icecream on top and stick the lollies on? ). And I wondered about piping some cream around the outside to keep the lollies on - can you freeze whipped cream?

supercook, Feb 26, 2:45am
Swirl some of your favourite sauce (strawberry, chocolate, caramel etc)through the icecream when soft. Chocolate shaving on the top.

valentino, Feb 26, 2:49am
Just wondering if you have a Tupperware Jelly Ring mould, holds 2 litres ice cream and allows the centre to be used for other things.

Naturally one needs to soften ice cream enough to put into another container, a good time to add things like pebbles, M'n'M's, whatever then freeze.

One can decorate further quickly just prior to serving as the ice cream would be very solidly cold.

Hopes this helps.

kebe, Feb 26, 2:52am
Ooh, yes, I do valentino! Brilliant idea - then I could put the lollies in the middle. She wants jelly-tip icecream, so I won't need to put anything in it. Do you think it would unmould okay?

lizab, Feb 26, 2:59am
http://www.foodinaminute.co.nz/Recipes/recipe_default. aspx? r

This is for a vanilla and boysenberry icecream cake - I made it years ago and it was great! !

valentino, Feb 26, 3:25am
If it has another piece that comes off as in a "Ring" mould, then you will not have any problems.

Jelly tip ice cream, perhaps even have some jelly made up with less water used (perhaps about 2/3 at the most of water recommendation per packet instructions), put some in first, allow to set solid, then the ice cream and just continue as noted earlier... .

Should just work fine.

Or one could put cubes of jelly in the middle of ice cream afterwards just prior to serving but one usually for a girl actually puts a "Barbie Doll" and create a dress using say for example marshmallow, stiffed icing, cream, etc etc... .


kebe, Feb 26, 3:28am
Oh man, I thought I had decided what to do, but now that Barbie idea sounds good, lol. Okay, I'll go and have a look at what I've got and make a decision!

lulu239, Feb 27, 1:48am
Anyone correct me if I am wrong, but I think that ice cream cakes may be covered in whipped cream smoothed out. I feel that by covering in cream it would hold the ice cream a bit better when taken out of the freezer. The piping certainly seems to be of a creamy nature. Good luck with it.

kebe, Feb 27, 6:14am
Thanks. I ended up doing it in my springform tin, lined with glad wrap. Oreo cookie base, jelly tip icecream on top, with a shallow hollow in the middle of the top to put lollies in, and piped (pink) cream around the edge. Looked great, and the kids loved it!

lizab, Feb 27, 7:53am
sounds perfect! ! Glad it was a hit with the kids :)

maandpa2b, Sep 13, 12:00pm
Fab idea to do a base. I agree with the cream too lulu. I remember it hardened with cold but swirly... I guess you could colour that bit too.

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