Biscuit base help

woodsboro, Mar 18, 6:49am
My usual cheesecake/banoffee pie recipe has a standard biscuit(I use super wines) and butter base, but I find once its been in the fridge, when its served the base is rock hard and can't be cut nicely without butchering my dessert.
How do I improve it! Is it just a case of upping the ratio of melted butter:biscuit! Add another ingredient! Anybody have any tried and true recipes to share!

Thanks all :)

autumnwinds, Mar 18, 7:54am
Have you tried using a biscuit with a higher butter ration, such as a shortbread biscuit!Personally, I find wine biscuits too dry and boring, anyway

flower-child01, Mar 18, 7:55am
After having the same problems I trialed Arnotts brand, the end result is a far softer base that is much easier to cut and eat.

woodsboro, Mar 18, 9:13am
Great! Thanks guys

catie61, Mar 18, 9:19am
try this! guaranteed to please!!v=IfeyUGZt8nk

cookessentials, Mar 18, 6:07pm
I tend to use something like Arnotts digestives or similar which do not seem to go rock hard.