Need recipe -biscuit base, jam filling marshmallow

nigelt74, Nov 20, 3:32am
years ago i made a recipe, but can no longer find it

What i can remember is below, but I can only only remember the very basics, i was hoping someone may remember more, we called it strawberry torte, but its unlike any torte recipes I have seen on the net

It had a biscuit base, you bought plain biscuits crushed them up with butter or whatever and made a base then baked it

Then you boiled up strawberries and sugar (basically a jam although heavier on the strawbs), poured that on top.

Let it cool,
Then boil up some marshmallows and ? then fold it with Cream? and paste it over top of the other stuff possibly adding puréed stawberries to this topping as it always ended up pink

Any ideas as I can see this ending in a disaster if i don't get the ingredients right (albeit a yummy disaster)

Thanks in advance

245sam, Nov 20, 5:28am
nigelt74, I have made a similar dessert to that you describe, also called Strawberry Torte, but it did not use bought biscuits for the base - it had a shortbread-type base, then a strawberry and sugar mixture which was thickened with cornflour, and lastly a topping of marshmallows melted with milk, then cooled and whipped cream folded in - no strawberries in the marshmallow topping which could be either pink or white depending on the colour of the marshmallows that were used. :-))

charli, Jun 13, 6:50pm