Gluten and Sugar free marshmallow recipe???

jan2242, Apr 28, 9:44pm
has anyone got a recipe for this. Bought some at a stall the other day and it tasted like the real thing. Would love the recipe if anyone has it? Thanks.

amiri1, Apr 29, 12:53am
Bumping for sugar free marshmellows! :)

natalie9, Apr 29, 6:33am
Just googled and came up with this. Used agave or maple syrup...

amiri1, Apr 29, 10:10am
Bugga! :( Thank you for the link, sigh, unfortunately agave and maple syrup are bad for diabetics! Lol, I had high hopes because marshmellows are my most favourite thing! :), Apr 29, 10:14am
found it

Marshmallow Creme And Marshmallows - Diet Recipe

3 env. unflavored gelatin
1/4 cup cold water
3/4 cup boiling water
3 tbsp granulated sugar replacement
1 **or** granulated fructose
1 tsp white vanilla extract
3 each egg whites


SOURCE: Diabetic Sweet Tooth Cookbook by Mary Jane Finsand - copyright
Sprinkle gelatin over cold water in mixing bowl; set aside 5 minutes to
soften. Add to boiling water in a saucepan; cook and stir until gelatin is
dissolved. Remove from heat. Cool to consistency of thick syrup. Add sugar
replacement and vanilla, stirring to blend. Beat egg whites into soft
peaks. Very slowly, trickle a small stream of gelatin mixture into egg
whites, beating until all gelatin mixture is blended. Continue beating
until light and fluffy. Pour into prepared pan.
TO FORM THE MARSHMALLOWS: Fill 13 x 9 x 2-inch pan with flour or
cornstarch to desired depth. Form moulds using a small glass, the inside
of a dough cutter or any object of desired size by pressing the form into
flour to the botom of the pan. Spoon marshmallow creme into the moulds and
refrigerate until set. Dust or rull tops in flour; shake off excess. Store
in refrigerator.
OPTIONAL MARSHMALLOWS: Lightly grease and flour 13 x 9 inch baking pan.
Pour marshamllow creme in pan, spreading out evenly. Refrigerate until set
and cut to desired size.
YIELD: 4 cups
EXCHANGE, 1 cup: negligible
CALORIES, 1 cup: 11
CARBOHYDRATES, 1 cup: negligible

Serves: 1

(edit - skip the corn flour part. . that will add carbs which u dont want :o)

amiri1, Apr 29, 12:46pm
Well I just read lots of info for over 2 hours! It was the agave syrup that made me. It's amazing what information is out there. Apparently fructose is bad for the liver and can spike blood sugars just the same as glucose. I should stop reading, marshmellows are moving further and further from my reach! :(

archiver, Apr 29, 7:53pm
I use this 1 ht

herika, Apr 29, 7:57pm
Just a wee word, Id be careful of the marshmellow oil flavouring it may not be gluten free and I think gelatin can have probs regarding gluten as well. Looks like you have more research to do, sorry :)

herika, Apr 29, 8:18pm
p. s. perhaps you could go back and ask the stall holders for the recipe ?, Apr 29, 10:23pm
Wonders if my post was invisible?

natalie9, Apr 30, 12:51am
Funny I'd never heard of agave syrup either. And it seems to be as bad as sugar anyway! I know there is the sweetener stevia that is supposed to be good or harmless for you but don't know if that could be used.

natalie9, Apr 30, 12:52am
Oh wow no carbos in that one!

buzzy110, Apr 30, 2:51am
What great knowledge you display there natalie9. Lucky we aren't really allowed to post, now you can make as many erroneous statements as you like. Good O.

buzzy110, Apr 30, 4:08am
No I take that last statement back. I didn't read the recipe properly. Sugar replacement definitely has no carbs, neither does fructose (I think). so my apologies natalie9.

I suppose it would be wrong of me to mention that fructose is turned by the liver into triglycerides and then attaches them to an apo 4 molecule and secretes them into the bloodstream as VLDLs. I also suppose it would be wrong of me to note that artificial sugars are treated the same as ethanol by the liver, turning the sugar alcohols into eldehydes, as in formeldehyde, which then goes on to wreak havoc throughout the entire system, one tiny drop at a time.

I know this is wrong because these two substances have been issued with a GRAS certification by the FDA and they haven't been influenced by pressure groups at all.


jan2242, May 1, 3:08am
Thank you all so much. I will try the fructose one, if I can find fructose. Apologies for not writing sooner as have been ill and away from computer., May 1, 3:21am
Personally I would stay well away from Fructose (even the american diabetes association are now saying so)

"Fructose is a monosaccharide (simple sugar), which the body can use for energy. Because it does not cause blood sugar rise tremendously (has a low glycemic index), it was once thought that fructose was a good substitute for sucrose (table sugar). However, the American Diabetes Association and nutritional experts have changed their minds about this... . "

Read more here http://lowcarbdiets.

And then come to your own conclusions.

Personally I would use powdered Stevia in the recipe that I supplied. . or if your not worried about using the chemical variety. . try splenda.

elliehen, May 1, 3:34am
Just a postscript - some artificial sweeteners have a decided laxative effect... so don't overindulge if you're using one of those ;)

jan2242, May 1, 3:40am
Thank you for the warning - scary reading there. I will use Stevia I think.

natalie9, Mar 20, 4:00pm
No worries buzzy.