Marshmallow slice help please!!!

rainman02, Mar 10, 7:02am
I have found a recipe for a marshmallow slice which sounds really yum... . but the only problem is, I only have raw sugar. Will raw sugar work in marshmallow in place of white sugar? Any help appreciated! !

maandpa2b, Mar 10, 7:12am
When I was growing up we only ever had raw sugar. I used to make this all the time (back in the egg beater days). Just be sure to get the sugar well dissolved in the gelatine first. Good luck

harrislucinda, Mar 10, 8:52am
you can useajellyfor amarshmellowslicejustmadeit thisweek

elliehen, Oct 18, 6:12pm
Put your sugar through the blender to refine it further... .