Biscuit base help needed

kaponga67, Oct 28, 9:59pm
Hello there. I make this caramal cake recipe that I found. Itis delicious, however I do find the base doesn't seem to work. It doesnt hold together. The recipe calls for 25g melted butter to be mixed with 250g of butter shortbread biscuits (crushed). Then you press into a tin for 20 minutes to cool and then pour on the mixture on top. The problem I am having is that the base does not set firmly enough so I cant cut up my mixture like they suggest - so it almost becomes like a crumble. Can anyone help. Thanks.

indy95, Oct 28, 10:09pm
Kaponga67, did you really mean only 25 g of melted butter ! If so that isn't enough to hold 250 g of crushed biscuits together.

pickles7, Oct 28, 10:09pm
are you sure it says, shortbread! 125 grams of butter, may help. Shortbread, would not be my choice of biscuit crumb.

kaponga67, Oct 28, 11:11pm
Aha, thanks. Yes the recipe does say 25g of butter - and I thought it wasn't going to be enough to hold it together. Thank you. I am kind of new to making my own sweets so I am just following the recipe. The topping is raw sugar mixed with butter and condensed milk. Then topped with white chocolate. It is yummy but annoying that it doesnt hold together. Thank you.

lodgelocum, Oct 29, 2:38am
More butter needed, perhaps they left the 1 off, try 100-125gm.

grandma, Oct 29, 2:45am
Could we have your recipe kaponga! It sounds delicious.

korbo, Oct 29, 4:26am
yes sounds delicimo.recipe please

grandma, Oct 30, 8:55am
Are you there kaponga!

grandma, Oct 31, 4:47am
One last bump for kaponga.

shop-a-holic, Oct 31, 6:11am
My favourite recipe: Buttery Biscuit Base - Masterchef UK!v=IfeyUGZt8nk

elliehen, Oct 31, 6:16am
A must to watch :)

grandma, Nov 1, 6:41am
Nearly at the bottom again - one more try!

davidt4, Nov 1, 8:50am
This is still the best mix.