Baking soda to keep beans green.

paora-tm, Dec 22, 5:49am
Do you add baking soda to your beans to keep them green when you cook them?: Do you think it spoils the taste of fresh beans?

uli, Dec 22, 6:02am
Depends if you want to use the cooking liquid.

Since I cook mine in fried onions, bacon, stock and herbs, I wouldn't use it.

I also am not worried about the colour, its more the good taste I am after in beans.

paora-tm, Dec 22, 6:06am
I agree about the taste and was wondering if the flavour was being sacrificed to make them look 'better'. I used baking soda tonight and wondered if I was just imagining that they didn't taste as wonderful as usual.

nauru, Dec 22, 6:59am
IMO, they don't taste as nice if you add soda, I'd rather have the flavour than the colour.

davidt4, Dec 22, 7:16am
If the beans are nice and fresh they will stay green until they are just tender. You need to plunge them into salted boiling water and watch them carefully. After a few minutes the colour will darken very slightly. When you see that drain them immediately. Some cooks then plunge them into iced water then reheat but I don't do that as I think it ruins the flavour.

eastie3, Mar 14, 8:54am
Don't put the lid on the pot.

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