Fresh long green beans...need a recipe please!!

marleybonz, Sep 14, 8:41am
my parents 60th birthday.Having dinner at my brothers.Taking a couple of dishes along. Today brought a bag of fresh beans..any ideas on how to jazz these long green things up?? many thanks

martine5, Sep 14, 10:12am
Yep. Cook them briefly in hot salted water until soft and cool them down in cold water. Then bundle them up say six or seven beans in a bundle and wrap all or part of a piece of bacon around them.Melt some butter and pop a little bit over the bacon bundle with some salt and pepper and then reheat in the oven say 180 until heated through and bacon starting to crisp.Yummo and they look amazing too.

anne1955, Mar 23, 11:01am
I do a three bean dish with lime and chilli...any three beans but one must be broad beans I just buy a packet of 500g These you thaw and pop out of skins...and for a difference I use butter beans for colour as well again 500g frozen bag they are stir fried if using a fresh bean then I'd put them on first for a bit and if you like garlic add some as well just use to taste...then stir fry lightly and use a chilli and lime dressing or make your own just a squeeze of lime juice and a tsp of chilli just to taste it can be as spicy or not but it's lovely and reheats well...