Ceramic beans

vbutler, Aug 16, 9:04am
can anyone tell me where you can buy ceramic beans and how much they are? I live in thames area but do travel to auckland and hamilton.

cookessentials, Aug 16, 9:13am
Ceramic baking beans can be bought from most kitchenware stores and can vary in price, but roughly between $10-$18 depending on the brand. Faringdon brand are one of the dearest, Cuisena is another brand which is a bit cheaper and another DLine cheaper again - depending on who you buy them from.

buzzy110, Aug 17, 12:34am
I've seen them in my local Pak-n-Save.

cookessentials, Aug 17, 1:46am
Just so we dont put anyones nose out of joint, there is some for sale on Trademe

purplegoanna, Aug 17, 3:53am
stevens have them... .

cookessentials, Aug 17, 4:09am
yep, as I said... most cookware stores

seniorbones, Aug 17, 4:38am
look up cookware essentials, I'm sure she would have some. I bought mine at stevens years ago much easier than rice!

245sam, Aug 17, 5:12am
Ceramic baking beads can also be found in the kitchenware area of department stores such as Farmers. :-))

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