nruter, Mar 25, 7:23am
Do hope someone can help me here please. I have one of those ceramic stone things for pizzas, bought it secondhand, but would like to give it a bit of a clean. It's not too bad, but am wondering about the very pale greens that are showing and would feel more comfortable using it after a clean. Thanks.

unknowndisorder, Mar 25, 7:54am

Basically, you don't, just scrape what you can off it. I usually use baking paper on mine, just makes it easier to put on and take off :) (and no, doesn't usually burn, unless I make it too big and don't notice the paper touching the element oops)

lenart, Nov 27, 7:46am
The only way to properly clean it is to water blast it, but you will need to dry it after that for a very long time and then slowly heat it in the oven until all the moisture evaporates. If any moisture is left in the stone it may crack.
It is better to give it a good burn in the oven. When you start using it, it will have stains more and more and it will season your stone. If your stone is second hand, I would recommend to heat it slowly in the beginning, it may have moisture from storage if it wasn't used for long.

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