Parmco ceramic top stove. do you have one?

I am thinking of buying one - now that my 1980's oven has finally died!
Do you recommend this stove? Any feedback welcome! Many thanks

Chef_dinkypinky, Mar 10, 6:54 am

I've just bought a Leisure Dual Oven with Ceramic top, very happy so far.

Chef_valentino, Mar 10, 10:21 pm

I had a look at the free-standing model in Noel Leemings, I thought the oven was far too small. My sister has the built in oven and she loves it, she had one in her last house, too

Chef_kateley, Mar 10, 10:28 pm

I have a ceramic cook top and love it. Its so easy to keep clean with the special cleaners and sealers, plus a scraper for the times food gets stuck on it.

Chef_mak47, Mar 11, 12:24 am

We have a Parmco oven with a separate ceramic cooktop (of a different brand). The oven has been great and I never hesitate to use it compared to my old oven which dated somewhere from when dinosaurs still wandered the earth and cost a fortune to run due to its size (and probably its age as well, things have become much more energy efficient as the years go by). Just make sure (depending on the model) that it's not going to be too small for your needs, maybe measure some your favourite roasting/casserole and baking dishes to see if they'll fit and check the inside height too if you decide to invest in something like a tagine (I nearly came unstuck with that one, luckily the one I bought does fit - just). Another point - mine only came with one rack. This is fine for most things but there are times when a second rack would be handy. They're ridiculously expensive to purchase direct from Parmco and difficult to source anywhere else I've tried. Maybe that won't bother you though or the one you're looking at might come with two.

Overall good ovens and I'm happy with mine.

Chef_sampa, Mar 11, 1:51 am

Yes, parmco hobs and oven in the rental we are in while waiting for our house to be built.
I think they are low spec rubbish, would never recommend. The hobs are small, and the design means you can't put anything on the flat surface without risking the hobs going on/ off because of another to bring in the vicinity of the control mechanisms. The oven is slow to heat and the maximum temperature is far too low- pizzas don't cook well at all. I don't even use the bake function as it's so ineffective- end up fan baking everything. Oven cooks very unevenly too.

Chef_poppy500, Mar 13, 3:16 am

What model do you have in your rental Poppy? I cook pizzas regularly in mine with no issues and it heats up super quick. Maybe we have different models? Can't comment on their hobs, as stated above we purchased a different brand which I also like - well, once I got used to it, it's a lot bigger than my previous hob.

Chef_sampa, Dec 30, 9:16 am

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