Plum jam in slow cooker

Any tips ? Tried the microwave but ended up with nothing in the bowl and a microwave full -what a mess -too hot over here to do it on the stove top

Chef_gerry64, Feb 1, 2:25 pm

jam needs a quick boil cant see how a slow cooker can do that even though jam in cooker has been asked before good luck

Chef_harrislucinda, Feb 1, 3:24 pm

Mine has a fast and slow cycle -also has a pressure cooker option but after my effort with the microwave will give that a miss

Chef_gerry64, Feb 1, 5:22 pm

Gerry, have you got a breadmaker with jam option. I make my jam that way now, making smaller amounts which serves our needs, no watching required and makes great jam too. Just a thought.

Chef_nauru, Feb 1, 7:41 pm

Why don't you just do it in a pot on the stovetop? Doesn't take long

Chef_chphilp, Feb 1, 8:06 pm

From a s/cooker group i belong to, havent tried it.
Slow Cooker Plum Jam.
2.5kg blood plums
2kg sugar
Zest and juice of one lemon
1/2 cup water
1x 50g pack Jamsetta.

Cut plums into quarters and remove stones.
Add plums, sugar, lemon & zest and water to the slow cooker.
3hrs on high with the lid on, stirring occasionally; 1hr on low, lid off stirring occasionally.
Blend (I like it smooth and thick v’s chunky).
Jamsetta is optional, makes it set thicker. I got a cup, used half of the jamsetta pack & some of the puréed fruit to mix and added it in. then Bottled it up Cooking time could vary depending on how hot and fast your cooker is.

Chef_fifie, Feb 1, 8:47 pm

Thank you all -can remember my Mum making jam and it boiling for hours with her stiring endlessly to stop it sticking on the stove top -it is so hot over here was hoping to avoid that -I do have a bread maker -that is another option -I could just freeze the plums and do small lots

Chef_gerry64, Feb 1, 9:57 pm

Gerry if your interested and on facebook the group is Slow Cooker recipes 4 Families, its oz based just amazing what some are cooking in this heat in their s/c instead of turning the oven on.

Chef_fifie, Feb 1, 10:21 pm

My daughter's class made jam in the crockpot. Cooked it on high for a long time. They made mixed berry jam and it tasted really nice.

Chef_bunny51, Feb 1, 10:27 pm

Thanks fifie will hop on facebook now -yep my oven has been replaced with an airfryer until this heat beggars off

Chef_gerry64, Feb 1, 11:00 pm

Fantastic facebook page -thanks for that fifie -

Chef_gerry64, Feb 2, 12:03 am

I tried the above slow cooker recipe earlier this week - took almost 2 hours to even come to the boil so left it on high for an extra our (4 in total) then an hour plus on low . just looked like stewed fruit so ended up finishing it off on the stove. Admittedly I didn't have the jamseta so whether that would make a difference. After all that tho, the jam turned out really nice - Mrs L

Chef_lofty010247, Feb 2, 2:41 pm

Be aware that nearly all recipes in that group are for the newer slow cookers, i have older crockpot as well and some either dont work or take a bit longer to cook as it dosent cook as hot as the new ones do. Each cooker is different from what i can make out the new breville searing one cooks really hot and a lot quicker, so maybe jam is better made in something like that.

Chef_fifie, Apr 4, 10:41 pm

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