substitute for castor sugar for cake

shar47, Apr 22, 10:21am
I have a recipe that i have startedand found out that I need another half a cup of castor sugar, only had one cup. . what is best substitute? White sugar or icing sugar? (its for a cake? )

elliehen, Apr 22, 10:25am
Definitely white crystalline sugar, and if you want it to be as fine, whizz it in your blender :)

I think you'll find, though, if you only need another half cup, plain white sugar will be perfectly OK.

susieq9, Apr 22, 10:27am
I would use just ordinary sugar. I have a stick blender that I use to make castor sugar. Saves me buying it seperatly.

shar47, Apr 22, 10:29am
thanks, do you think i need to blend it down or would it be ok as it was (the plain white sugar)

goodbooks, Apr 22, 10:32am
I'd use white sugar as it is - I don't buy castor sugar at all and always use white sugar in any recipe that includes castor sugar.

susieq9, Apr 22, 10:32am
Just use the ordinary sugar and cream the butter and sugar (if that is what you are doing) for a little longer.

shar47, Apr 22, 10:39am
COOL thanks... . making special cake for daughters birthday tommmorow... . need it cold so we can do awesome icing on it tommorow... so would bebummed if had to wait to make it...

lilyfield, Apr 23, 12:31am
I have never used castor sugar in my life and used to work as pastry chef and had my own coffee shop and havedone tons of baking in my life. Why pay extra for something?

brianmac, Apr 23, 1:20am
I only ever use caster sugar - it is great in preserves as it dissolves quickly giving you a good clear preserve/jam. I use it in my baking, again for the same reason in that is dissolves quickly. i use it in my pavlovas and pastries as well.

elliehen, Apr 23, 1:28am
brianmac, I use it too. In the USA, caster sugar is the equivalent of NZ plain white sugar and is used for all baking.

I think novice bakers would have more success with their cakes if they used caster sugar, judging by the number of posters who seem a little anxious about the 'creaming' process and ask for recipes that involve only melted butter.

cookessentials, Apr 23, 4:30am
creaming butter and sugar is so simple. you only need soften your butter and beat until it changes colour.

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