Using castor sugar - unsalted butter etc

dibble35, Apr 24, 5:14pm
I very seldom have castor sugar and never unsalted butter in the house yet some recipes call for them. I know castor sugar is just finer grains but would it really hurt a recipe to use regular sugar rather than castor! I'm guessing for pavlovas it might! And the same for the unsalted butter. would most recipes adjust to using salted!

countrybumpkinz, Apr 24, 6:19pm
not sure about the unsalted butter.What about normal sugar in to a kitchen wizz and make it finer for the castor sugar, would that work!

krazy_kat, Apr 24, 6:38pm
I never use unsalted butter simply because it is ridiculously overpriced (if you can find it that is!) and I never have it.As far as caster sugar goes, there are something you just can't use normal sugar for - I would absolutely having some in your cupboard for just such occasions.

maximus44, Apr 24, 8:10pm
I have baked a lot for years and have never bought caster sugar or unsalted butter.

lilyfield, Apr 24, 8:17pm
have been a patisserie chef for years in a large hotel. we did not even stock castor sugar. you can grind it if needed, but extra beating will dissolve any sugar. Can't think of anything where the extra cost is warranted. Same for unsalted butter. Unless you are entering masterchef competition and using fancy continental recipes

cookessentials, Apr 24, 9:03pm
I only ever use caster sugar because it dissolves quickly and incorporates far more easily, but that's just my personal choice. Ordinary granulated suagr is just fine. As an aside, caster sugar is the best to use for your jams and jellies ( it is a trick used at A&P shows) to give you a very clear jam.

cgvl, Apr 24, 9:20pm
the only thing I use castor sugar for is Pav's.
All other baking and cooking I use standard granulated sugar and ordinary butter (very rarely see unsalted butter in supermarket anyway).
If you read a recipe carefully using unsalted butter then further down they will add ½tsp or more of salt. So salted butter just means you can leave out the salt IMO.
Have never cooked with unsalted butter so don't know if there is a taste difference or not.

dreamers, Apr 24, 9:47pm
Always use the kitchen whizz to grind up the sugar and it works perfectly.

elliehen, Apr 24, 10:49pm
It does help to have the sugar in fine crystals for perfect creaming.In the US all regular 'white sugar' is caster sugar, finely ground.

sarahb5, Apr 25, 12:06am
I always use caster sugar for baking and I use unsalted butter when it's on special - I just don't buy "white" sugar and we use raw sugar for pretty much everything else including apple crumble!

dibble35, Apr 25, 6:24am
Thats interesting. i'm going to attempt to make quince jelly when they ripen my first ever attempt at anything jam like. thanks for all that info and opinions guys,

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