Use of unsalted butter in baking

eastie3, Jun 12, 5:09am
Specifically in a short crust pastry recipe I saw in the Daily Mail online today.My question is whether this is a matter of taste or would the use of salted butter change the result! Also,in other baking as well!

harrislucinda, Jun 12, 5:23am
nowillnotchangetheresultsto anybakingImakemyownbutterandneversaltit

pam.delilah, Jun 12, 5:25am
unsalted butter is used in baking as salted butter has an unstated amount of salt in it. If using unsalted butter , andadding salt one knows the amount of salt

poppy62, Jun 12, 5:25am
I always use the normal salted butter and notice no difference!As far as I am concerned, a bit of salt in anything brings out the flavour!

eastie3, Jun 12, 6:09am
Thanks for replies.I did notice a response to the above recipe,where somebody claiming expertise said that one wouldn't normally use an egg in short pastry.Is this true!

antoniab, Jun 12, 6:42am
I always use a beaten egg in my short pastry, but Im no expert :)

sarahb5, Jun 12, 7:14am
Putting an egg in pastry makes it richer - generally short crust pastry is just flour, fat, pinch of salt and ice cold water - to make it very short (ie. very crisp) it helps if you use half butter, half lard.

guest, Jan 11, 8:34am
A bit suresirpd it seems to simple and yet useful.

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