Salted or Unsalted Butter in Baking

carter441, Feb 6, 2:20am
When a recipe calls for butter do you automatically use Salted Butter and only use Unsalted Butter when the recipe states unsalted?

deanna14, Feb 6, 2:24am
I always use salted butter. Years ago, even a chocolate cake recipe had salt in the recipe. A recipe will tell you if it requires unsalted butter most often.

laspaz, Feb 6, 2:26am
If most recipes assume unsalted butter (like american ones), they will add salt later. Salt is good to balance the flavour.

kaddiew, Feb 6, 3:04am
I've always used salted butter, no matter what the recipe calls for.

carter441, Feb 6, 4:06am
Thanks people.

maximus44, Feb 6, 8:38am
I have never used unsalted butter.

wendalls, Feb 6, 9:07am
I always use unsalted! Don't notice a lack of salt, and I do like well seasoned food generally. Since I'm baking for my kids mostly, I don't think they need it. I am starting to notice other people's butter though, and it is often too salty in my opinion .eg on pikelets.

karlymouse, Feb 6, 9:32am
Use salted on any recipe. however that said. the best chocolate fudge cake I tasted (and I am not a huge chocolate flavour fan) used unsalted butter.

duckmoon, Feb 6, 9:44am
i never use unsalted butter

I like to have ingredients at hand, and only keep salted butter in the fridge. so use what Ihave

lilyfield, Feb 6, 6:05pm
Unsalted butter costs more, why use it?

rainrain1, Feb 6, 8:18pm
Unsalted butter tastes horrid too

wendalls, Feb 6, 10:25pm
I buy unsalted on special around $4, mainland in the foil wrap.

socram, Feb 7, 2:55am
Only ever use Lurpak which is only slightly salted, though I don't do much baking anyway. Pak n' Save is $1 a pack less than New World.

fefeoc, Mar 20, 8:07am
Never use unsalted. I do a lot of baking and try and buy the cheapest butter.

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