Choc. Mud Cake..unsalted butter?

chrisandray, Nov 22, 2:53am
Hi, has anyone used the ordinary salted butter for this cake, as the unsalted is pretty expensive.Thanks.

creeky1, Nov 22, 2:58am
I have never used unsalted butter and my baking tastes just fine. I'm sure the amount of sugar and chocolate will diminish any taste of salt.

chrisandray, Nov 22, 3:35am
Creeky1...thanks so much! I'm making this for my Daughters wedding so need to make two tiers, and the price is going up by the minute, so appreciate your feedback.

tortenz, Nov 22, 4:18am

Often recipes call for salt anyway, I just leave it out and use salted butter.

flower-child01, Nov 23, 11:51pm
I have only ever used salted, and my choc mud cake always comes out tasting the best.

bisloy, Nov 23, 11:57pm
Chocolate benefits from a small amount of salt. I agree with everyone else, stick to the salted. Well done you for doing the cake. Enjoy the day, when it comes.

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