Using unsalted butter in shortbread

hound31, Dec 3, 9:57pm
I have unsalted butter left over and want to make some shortbread. Recipe uses 225g of butter. Can I use it and do I need to add more salt than the 1/4 tsp in the original recipe! TIA

indy95, Dec 3, 11:52pm
Hound31, you can certainly use it and as there is already 1/4 t of salt in your recipe I don't think you will need to add any more

karlymouse, Dec 4, 7:06am
It will be fine - actually it will taste better - also unsalted is much better in fudge cake.

hound31, Dec 4, 9:03am
Thanks for that, will roll my sleeves up tomorow, hmm, fudge cake ! I will have to join the Weightwatchers thread lol,

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