Salted vs Unsalted butter

katienz11, Nov 4, 7:12pm
Ive got normal butter, can I use that instead of unsalted butter the recipe calls for!Not sure what difference it would make!

creeky1, Nov 4, 7:15pm
I have never used unsalted butter. never had any complaints.

cookie4u, Nov 4, 7:15pm
What is the recipe! If you fry with normal butter it wil burn. Salted butter will also spoil some sweet recipies

katienz11, Nov 4, 8:32pm
Its for a lemon slice.

cgvl, Nov 4, 8:49pm
I use salted butter in all my recipes and dont notice any difference.
Often if unsalted butter is used, the recipe stats to add salt anyway

lilyfield, Nov 4, 9:12pm
quite. And if it does not- I do

rainrain1, Nov 4, 9:47pm
Unsalted butter is mainly for those who are not supposed to have salt in their diet I think.It has a funny taste, not nice at all in my opinion. Once I made a chefs recipe from the local paper which was a fruit pie with unsalted butter in the pastry.It was so bitter, we couldn't eat it. Just use your salted butter

lisajay, Nov 4, 9:52pm
As others said I use just normal salted butter too, I made a apricot slice and it didn't make a difference

davidt4, Nov 4, 10:04pm
It doesn't make a lot of difference.It's more important to use good quality butter that is not rancid or tainted or bulked out with water.Mainland butter wrapped in foil is good quality, so is Lurpak.

earthangel4, Nov 5, 12:02am
yes my fav,is Mainland wrapped in foil,I only buy that one,use it for everything.

tullyann, Nov 5, 7:02am
Keep the salted its like making porridge with out a touch of saltyukand bland , !

katienz11, Nov 5, 10:16am
Well, thats a definitive answer!Salted butter it is.Thanks.

jhan, Nov 5, 11:33pm
I use the unsalted butter for baking when I have it, and it improves the baking in my opinion.

eastie3, Nov 6, 5:46am
Iadd a little oil(avocado is delicious,or rice bran ) to the butter.

deus701, Nov 6, 6:58am
I always use unsalted butter in baking and I like to control how much salt goes in. Eg salt has an effect on bread fermentation. When making ganache or delicate sauces, the salt can come through.and some people have really amazing tastebuds.

eastie3, Nov 6, 9:21am
I always buy salted butter and have never considered its use in ganache.Is it the taste that you refer to!I'm not an experienced baker and use my breadmaker when I do make bread so have no expertise in the area.I use salted butter in sauce making because recipes never specify the use ofeither butter.

roxursox, Nov 6, 10:06am
I've always preferred the mainland wrapped in foil butter but never knew why it seemed better, thought it was just my imagination or because it looked prettier wrapped in pretty paper lol

bought 2 blocks of it today as it was the one on special

might get some more

deus701, Nov 7, 12:18am
butter ganache for chocolates or glaze has a longer shelf life than cream ganache. A coated butter ganache chocolate can easily last 6-8weeks at room temperature compared to cream ganache due to its high fat and low water content. Cream ganache can last.around 1-2weeks max.It also firms up faster than cream ganaches.

Salt retards or controls the fermentation process. Lets say for a brioche dough requiring 1kg of butter. A brioche dough is usually left to ferment overnight, and because of this.the amount of yeast used is quite little. If you use salted butter, you are easily adding 10g of salt to the dough which can inhibit fermentation.

eastie3, Nov 7, 1:21am
Thanks for your reply deus,very interesting information.

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