Salted vs unsalted butter

dinkypinky, May 30, 8:20am
what is the difference when used in baking? i made choc brownies the other day using unsalted, and they weren't the same as usual. . !

natalie9, May 30, 8:30am
I never really thought about it till buying Nigella's Express recipe book and she uses unsalted in all her recipes for whatever reason... I sometimes buy unsalted when it's the same price or cheaper... so didn't really answer your question sorry!

harrislucinda, May 30, 9:10am
whenthereissomuchsaltin ourfooditwontmakeanydifferenceto yourbakingImakemyownbutterandneveraddsaltanduseitforbaking

dinkypinky, May 30, 9:44am
yes i agree - i was trying to reduce the amount of salt in our food, but did find my banking tasted quite different, and did look a bit differnt too

donnabeth, May 30, 11:43am
My old Alison Holst book says a pinch of salt makes your baking tender.

cgvl, May 30, 11:55am
if using unsalted butter always add apinch of salt to your baking. Leave the salt out if using salted butter though.
Salt is a flavour enhancer

rainrain1, May 30, 9:08pm
ghastly ghastly stuff

lilyfield, May 30, 9:45pm
salted butter in Germany and Switzerland quite unknown. All patissery has a finer flavor with using unsalted butter. Though I never understand why we have to pay more for it- id manufacturers leave something out.

uli, May 31, 2:22am
It is dearer because they make so little of it LOL :)

NZ has never moved out of the dark ages when butter was salted into wooden barrels and shipped to England without refrigeration... .

rainrain1, May 31, 7:15am
Thank christ

maandpa2b, Jun 23, 7:19am
If I find a baking recipe that has salt in it I use unsalted butter. It's esp good in things like icing if you don't want that salty taste

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