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minfo, Oct 27, 11:49pm
Does anyone have a delicious Bacon and Egg pie that I could make to take to a friend's picnic next weekend!

kuaka, Oct 28, 8:01pm
Do you really need a recipe to make a pie.You make pastry and line the pie dish with it.You chop some onions very finely and spread them over the pastry, chop some bacon and put that over the onions, a few slices of tomato if you have them, and if you want them, then you either break the eggs and put on top of the bacon or you break the eggs and beat them and pour them over the bacon, whichever way you prefer it.Sprinkle of seasoning and then bake.Easy.Adjustable.No hard and fast rules, make it the way you like it.

jenna68, Oct 28, 8:10pm
I got one off TM years ago and it's the only one I make now.This is layered from the bottom of the pie UP.Flaky pastry, grated cheese (no soggy bottoms when you use cheese), finely chopped onion, WHOLE eggs evenly placed, pieces of bacon, diced tomatoes, then pour over a mixture of beaten eggs with a little milk and S & P, lastly, Flaky pastry.Depending on size of dish and thickness of pie, cook around 200oC for 30 mins approx.You can add more stuff (frozen cooked veg etc) or take away the onion/tomatoes, up to you really :)

bigsneak, Oct 28, 8:18pm
Fry off onion and bacon with tarragon spread over flakey puff pastry spread feta and cherry tomatoes over then fill with beaten egg cook don't put a lid on everyone loves it here.

Got recipe from cuisine mag

bridget107, Oct 28, 10:20pm

minfo, Oct 29, 12:01am
Thanks to everyone here for contributing. Will have to leave the onions out though as a couple of my friends don't like onions. There was one I had tried some years ago that had cheese incorporated into it which I thought at the time unusual.

nik12, Oct 30, 7:02am
He he, mine is pastry, bacon, eggs, pepper.I have started whisking a few of the eggs adding a splash of milk and pouring over the bacon and whole eggs. I'm finding that 'fills up' the pastry a bit without changing taste.No cheese, onion or tomato's for me :-)

jns, Oct 30, 8:56am
Mine is so basic, I think a Bacon and Egg Pie should just be that, Bacon & Eggs :).I use Flaky Puff Pastry, line the bottom of the pie tin, then cover the bottom with chopped bacon, crack some eggs on top of that leaving the yolks whole.Then throw some more bacon on top of those and if you feel it needs it some more eggs on top.Cover with pastry and bake.I think i do it on about 180-200oC.

eastie3, Oct 31, 4:42am
Or peas!I agree entirely with nik12.Cheese just tastes wrong to me and tomatoes go soggy. You can avoid soggy bottomed pies by heating up an oven tray and placing the pie tin on that. Cooks golden and crisp every time.

kaddiew, Oct 31, 4:46am
I'm with you! Bacon, eggs, end of story.

lodgelocum, Oct 31, 4:53am
My son is like that too, a bacon and egg pie to him is just that, bacon and eggs.Don't try and put anything else in.But I love onion, tomato, cheese as well in a bacon and egg pie.

matuq, Oct 31, 5:01am
I'm lucky.I've got a "mesh" type base for pies.I've had it for years now and really need a bigger one but haven't seen any around for a long time - if ever.

carlosjackal, Oct 31, 6:50pm
Bacon and Egg Pie is my husband's specialty and it really is so good! His secret to a great Bacon and Egg Pie: he breaks the yolks of the eggs and adds frozen peas. Sometimes he adds very thinly sliced potato too.

minfo, Nov 1, 12:33am
Thanks everyone for additional info on how you make your bacon & egg pies.

tarshlove, Nov 1, 12:56am
Pastry, 6- 8 eggs whisked, fry off some bacon so you don't get extra liquid from the bacon in your pie. Grated cheese enough to sped over the bottom of pastry add to and cook no extras as the boys here just want bacon and eggs!

sofphie, Nov 12, 4:37am
If you scoop the seeds out of the tomatoes it doesnt go soggy :-)

kassie48, Nov 12, 6:30am
just don't add peas & corn!. I only use beaten eggs too.

jessie981, Nov 12, 6:44am
Straight Bacon & beaten egg here

karlymouse, Nov 12, 9:15am
Absolutely agree. Bacon and Egg Pie is just that with pastry, bacon and eggs. no added onions or peas or anything .it really annoys me when other items are added, particulary in cafes .

beaker59, Nov 12, 2:44pm
OMG what boring pies, just bacon and eggs! Mine have all sorts of additives including herbs fresh from the garden like basil and thyme also onion, tomato slices, cheese of various types, feta is a fav, garlic and when I am feeling very decadent I will add a can or two of smoked oysters now thats a Bacon and egg pie.

jenna68, Nov 12, 8:02pm
Lol, I totally agree, you can turn it into a gourmet pie that just amps up the taste heaps

takemeopshoppin, Nov 13, 2:04am
Hi there guys,
when adding frozen peas should you thaw them first! :)

jenna68, Nov 13, 2:45am
I do - actually cook them briefly for a min before putting them in because I hate the taste of frozen peas lol but maybe others just use frozen!

jmma, Nov 13, 3:26am
But this is a Bacon/egg/cheese/thyme/onion/t-
omato/basil/garlic and oyster Pie (o:

beaker59, Nov 13, 2:31pm
A boring Nanna might call it that I call it a basic Bacon and egg pie :)

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