How 2 avoid Soggy bottom bacon and egg pie please

happs1, Jul 6, 12:15am
Any help would be great thanks :~)

wayne472, Jul 6, 12:34am
Put grated cheese on the bottom layer of pastry before you put the bacon & egg mix in!

happs1, Jul 6, 12:35am
Cheers Wayne will do :~)

stunner, Jul 6, 12:36am
Remove from the pie dish as soon as it comes out of the oven and place on a wire rack.

indy95, Jul 6, 12:50am
When you preheat the oven put an oven tray in to preheat as well and put the pie on it to cook.

elliehen, Jul 6, 1:25am
I preheat the oven tray (as indy95 suggests) and also sprinkle the baking tin with coarse cornmeal (polenta) before putting in the bottom layer of pastry.

I wonder if a pizza stone in the oven would help, as is suggested for crusty bread!

balky4, Jul 6, 1:26am
I used to do the cheese thing but now swear by a sprinkle of semolina on the bottom before filling and cooking. Works great on apple pie too.

sarahb5, Jul 6, 1:29am
I always bake my pies on a baking tray for heat transference but I think it makes a difference what pastry you use as well.Normally don't get a "soggy bottom" with Signature range pastry but bought Pams last time I made a chicken pie and it was really soggy.

rangibenfired, Jul 6, 1:37am
caused by the amount of water in the bacon to reduce the price of the bacon.I normally put bacon in microwave for a short time between paper towels to get rid of excess careful not to over cook.or used more expensive bacon with less water content

eastie3, Jul 6, 2:47am
If,like me you dislike the cheesy layer in a pie,I can recommend placing the pie on a preheated baking tray.

I also always use a metal pie dish.

kinna54, Jul 6, 3:36am
The cheese works well. You can also put a fine layer of egg yolk wash on the bottom, just brush it on with a pastry brush. Also prick the base with a fork before adding the filling. and yes metaldish on a heated tray.

korbo, Jul 6, 5:07am
read on the back of a pastry packet last week, to bake blind for 5-10mins, then fill and bake as normal.
tried this and wooee, perfectly cooked bottom.
In all my 30+ years of making bacon/egg pie, I had never baked blind, and always had soggy bottoms.
try it next time and see if the results are better.

hotstuff111, Jul 6, 5:20am
i put the tray closer to the bottom and the bottom of pie cooks more and browns up

happs1, Jul 6, 5:34am
The pies came out well no soggy bottoms or saggy ones . One did stick to the bottom a bit. I made 2 and I oiled and floured the bottoms . I pre fried the bacon and pricked the bottom of the pastry and put a fine layer of cheese on the bottom on pastry. I also baked both pies on a pre heated oven tray . Lol I did them all above and dont know which one worked but it did . Im so happy thank you everyone. I made Two bacon and egg pies and 1 dozen bacon onion and cheese scones and a chocolate cake with Ganache icing. They just left to Putaruru.

happs1, Jul 6, 5:42am
I used grampas bacon and no water came off it.

happs1, Jul 6, 5:50am
I learnt a trick on a baking show . put the pastry on the bottom and a layer of cling film then your bind bake stuff on top of the cling film and you can left it out togeter real easy. I was so surprised the cling film did not melt. Thanks for the tip Korbo:~) I will try with a apple pie .

gerry64, Jul 6, 6:31am
Definitely take it straight out of the dish and put it on a cake rack - I prop the rack up so as much air can circulate under it as possible

fifie, Jul 6, 6:54am
When heating oven put a tray in as well, make your pie in a metal tin not glass or ceramic, sit it on top of metal tray to cook helps heaps to cook bottom and make it crispy.

jns, Jul 6, 7:26am
I wonder tho, if it's the dish that makes the difference between soggy pastry on the bottom & crunchy.I brought a new pie dish and for the first time ever my pastry wasn't crunchy.So I've gone back to my old dish and it's still crunchy every time.

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