Tough skin on my bacon and egg pie. why?

ndew, Mar 12, 5:40am
when i cook bacon and egg pies i get a tough plastic like skin on top of the egg. can anyone tell me why?. most of the time it happens but occassionally it doesnt even tho ive changed nothing.
im using free range egg on top of a little beaten egg mix in bottom of muffin size pies. anyone solve this for me?

awoftam, Mar 12, 5:50am
Oven too hot? Rack too high? I have no idea however have put your questions out to some foodies and a chef who may well have the answer

cgvl, Mar 12, 6:00am
Have you got a cover on your pies. If using whole egg you need a pastry top otherwise yes you will get a plastic like skin. If I'm doing mini or individual bacon and egg pies without a lid then I beat the eggs with a little milk and add cheese to the top . more like a quiche.

ndew, Mar 12, 6:25am
no dont cover them as wanted it open for colour. thanks for the ideas

beaker59, Mar 12, 6:43am
I put a tsp of milk on top before the upper crust goes on.

aj.2., Mar 12, 6:46am
Place in the Middle of oven, or better yet 1/3rd the way off the bottom. And if no pastry on the top, Then cover with some tin foil, that will help stop the egg going plastic like. Cook for a while , then remove tin foil and con't to cook, till base comes free of cooking container.

ndew, Mar 12, 7:36am
thanks AJ. wondered if oven position mattered. will try it tomorrow. thanks

aj.2., Dec 31, 5:19pm
Yes, very much so, if Themo oven, in the middle, but then if no pastry the egg will over cook and go hard , try just bake and as said place lower down, tin foil cover to stop the direct heat on the top.
Edit, you can tell it is cooked when you shake the cooking dish, the pie should lift free, just don't drop it.

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