Fish pie using tin of smoked fish

cheapass1, May 20, 1:02am
Any ideas please!

dbab, May 20, 1:07am
I make a cheese sauce using coconut milk, add some chopped spring onion and grated carrot.Stir in the drained flaked fish and pile into a dish and cover with mashed potato. Bake

winnie231, May 20, 1:22am
This recipe from food-in-a-minute is nice for something a bit different .

darlingmole, May 20, 1:32am
I make a basic white sauce with onion in it, then splash in worcestershire/soy/tomato sauce, pepper'n'salt and that's about it.Some people add boiled eggs and corn etc but I keep it simple

winnie231, May 20, 1:53am
My own recipe is along the same lines as darlingmole except I like the added extras :)
I melt some butter and cook a chopped onion and some garlic over low heat until soft and clear.
Add some flour, increase the heat slightly and cook for a minute or 2. Add milk slowly, stirring well to make a smooth white sauce. Season with S&P.
Add around 1C of lightly cooked corn kernels or peas, 2 or 3 chopped hard-boiled eggs, some mustard, lots of freshly chopped parsley & chives and 1 large tin of smoked fish. Gently fold together until just combined and pour into a baking dish. Cover with mashed spud (or a mix of mashed root veges), grate some cheese on top and bake at 180C for 30-40 mins or until hot, bubbling & golden.

cheapass1, May 20, 1:59am
Yum thanks guys that gives me the general idea

duckmoon, May 20, 4:33am
Roux sauce, flake the fish into it, defrosted frozen veg (we out peas and corn in), add boiled eggs (quartered) top with mashed potatoes

Bake until tasty

duckmoon, May 20, 4:34am
Don't forget to drain the fish

marywea, May 20, 4:41am
Add cut up cold potatoes.Top with breadcrumbs and grated cheese.

kismet41, May 20, 6:16am
I use Watties hash browns (toasted) as a base for mine as well

gecko100, May 20, 6:35am
I use a tin of tuna, biscuits ie water crackers or snax, cream, salt and pepper, onion and cheese.Easy and very nice.

dian2, May 20, 6:45am
Great ideas here!
I sometimes use smoked tuna too. and when making the white sauce, i first fry onion, grated carrot, celery and/or whatever, in butter, then with a good dash of curry powder followed by the flour, followed by milk. Lemon pepper is delicious in this, as are dill and/or parsley. Served with rice, spuds, or our favourites toasts, it's a cheap yummy meal :)

duckmoon, May 20, 7:57am
Hubby is forever letting crackers go stale. What a good idea to us them as a topping

nik12, May 20, 1:07pm
Hmmm. my fish pie is made with salmon. but don't see why smoked wouldn't work.
Layer, sliced cooked potoato, shedded fish, boiled egg slices in a casserole dish,
Make 2C cheese sauce and tip over the top.
Stick a knife in here and there to help the sauce sink down throughout.
Sprinkle with bread crumbs (or crackers, or cornchips, or stuffing mix), then heat in a 180oven till bubbling and golden

gardie, May 20, 6:31pm
I make my base like Winnie but I layer the resulting sauce with cooked sliced potatoes and then top the whole lot with grated cheese.Yum.Sadly, hubby is not too fond of tinned fish so we only have it very occasionally.

griffo4, May 20, 9:17pm
The recipe l use is make a white sauce with 50g butter melted add 50g flour then slowly add 1 1/2 cups milk and the juice from the smoked fish then l add cheese and a tin of creamed corn and then the flaked smoked fish & season and bring to boil then serve
l don't cook it in the oven but you could
l just serve it up with crusty bread and it gets gobbled up, it is a quick lunch or dinner especially if someone turns up unexpectedly
l have also added mashed up cannelloni beans to bulk it up

rarogal, May 20, 10:18pm
I use some of the liquid to make my white sauce also.

andrea09, May 21, 6:32am
I use a tin of sealord smoked fish fillets-the biggest one, a packet of maggi fish pie mix and add a heap of different veges and top with mash and cheese. Always a winner and so easy.

jaxma, May 21, 6:44am
Ohhh . I have a nice recipe using smoked fish fillets . will find it and post back shortly!
OK . here it is (next post) . I used to make it A LOT!

jaxma, May 21, 6:46am
1 tin smoked Fish Fillets
1 oz butter/margarine
2 tablespoons flour
2 1/2 cups milk
2 egg yolks
1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg
1 onion
3/4 cup cornflakes
1 oz extra butter
Flake the fish and remove any bones.Melt the butter in a saucepan and add flour.When this bubbles, gradually add milk and egg yolks mixed together.Stir until thickened.Add nutmeg.Grate onion onto fish then mix and stir into sauce.Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites.
Pour into a greased ovenproof dish.Cover with cornflakes and dot with extra butter.Bake in a moderate oven (350-375oF) (180oC) for 45 minutes or until topping is browned.

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