When I make a bacon and egg pie its always soggy

clivehell, Dec 21, 3:54am
on the bottom.Should I blind bake before I put ingredients in.

me-shell1, Dec 21, 4:05am
hmmmi never blind bake, just line my dish with pastry, then add bacon and eggs, and fanbake on ummm bout 150 till golden.
your oven night not be hot enough or not cooking long enough!

clivehell, Dec 21, 4:07am
My recipe says 180c and I do it for about 3/4 hour to 1 hour.
Starts at 210c for about 1/4 hour then down to 180c.
I use flakey pastry.

me-shell1, Dec 21, 4:10am
i would keep it in there for another half hour or so, and maybe give it ago at the 1 heat of 180

clivehell, Dec 21, 4:11am
Ta,my top gets a bit too brown,the pie is in the middle of the oven.Should
I take it down one rack.!

me-shell1, Dec 21, 4:14am
yea give it i go i always have mine near the bottom

lodgelocum, Dec 21, 4:18am
Put grated cheese on the bottom before adding other ingredients and bake lower in the oven at 180-190c, should be all good.You need a hot oven to cook pastry well.

fifie, Dec 21, 4:21am
Annabel Langbein says to crisp up the bottom of a B/E pie, oven temp at 200c put a baking tray on the oven rack heat this up with your oven then sit pie on the oven tray and the heat of tray will crisp up the bottom. Use a metal tin for the heated tray to work.

marcs, Dec 21, 4:36am
I cook by bacon first as supermarket bacon contains far too much water. Cook till just dry.

raewyn64, Dec 21, 5:56am
I do Annabel Langbein's suggestion and it comes out well - plus adding some grated cheese as well to the bottom.

sweetpea849, Dec 21, 6:01am
I always add grated cheese to mine too.You cant taste it, but it adds a waterproof layer to stop the bum going soggy.

iman007, Dec 21, 6:05am
annabel schannabel, pffft

lay ya pastry in tray, prick pastry all over , then add eggs, bacon and tomato and bit of cheese then pastry top , bake 180 for 35 mins
nek minit, it ready

macandrosie, Dec 24, 2:40am
do you add milk to the egg mixture! I think that can make it soggier

bounce16, Dec 24, 2:49am
If pastry is starting to brown on top with the rest not quite cooked, put a sheet of baking paper over the top.

uli, Dec 24, 4:52am
I leave the pastry out altogether and bake in a pyrex pie dish - and end up with something of a frittata baked in the oven.

mouse_y, Dec 24, 5:02am
most bacon is water logged . i cook it off ,then add
. no worries

cookessentials, Dec 24, 5:51am
I dont blind bake the pastry. I use flakey pastry and snip the bacon directly into the pastry shell, then mix the eggs well with a little milk and seasoning, pour it over the bacon, then add the pastry lid,make a slit or two in the top and brush with beaten egg and a dash of milk. I use a hot oven - 180-200C until pastry is golden and the inner mixture is all puffed up. Dont have a problem with the bottom of the pie being soggy. You need the hot temp to get it cooked quickly,otherwise the egg mixture will soak into the pastry, causing it to go soggy.

frogmaster15, Dec 24, 7:58am
Add a slosh of cream in there too, beaut texture

frogmaster15, Dec 24, 7:59am
And no it hasnt got The Heart Foundation Tick!

uli, Dec 24, 8:46am
And would it need one!

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