Cake recipe for guitar cake in wilton pan...

marley, Mar 21, 9:10pm
Hi there....I havent ever really made a proper cake in a themed cake tin. I am making a ukelele cake for my sons birthday and wondered if there is a specific recipe that I would need when using some of these different shaped tin??? Or is there even some tips or techniques that would be handy to know fo rwhenI make it??? I was thinking a chocolate cake mainly but he is easy with whatever flavour...He just likes cake in general....

cookessentials, Mar 21, 10:34pm
usually a butter cake recipe for the shaped pans.

kiwitrish, Mar 21, 11:13pm
As a cake decorator this is the recipe I use for the wilton shaped pans.

1 cup milk
125gm butter.Bring theses to the boil
In a mixer, beat 4 eggs and gradually adds 2 cups sugar, 1 pkt lemon jelly chrystals and 1 tsp vanilla essence.

cookiebarrel, Mar 21, 11:57pm
I have used many of the Wilton shaped pans for years now and have successfully made many different flavours and only ever use the same recipes as I would normally use in a square or round tin, be it chocolate, banana, kiwifruit, carrot, strawberry, lemon, marble, butter cake or whatever.Have even made a light fruit cake in the guitar tin. They have always turned out very well.Always use the water method to check on quantity of cake mix needed.

pickles7, Mar 22, 12:55am
tin glide
melt 4ozs of fat add 1oz of vege oil, stir in 2 ozs flour. mix well. keep out of the fridge, in a cool place. You may need to melt and stir a bit to use.

great to stop cakes sticking to the tins.

marley, Mar 22, 4:06am
wow thanks guys....I went to a cake shop in town that I bought the tin from and she said to use a buttercream icing for the decorating...I want the uke to look green (as thats the colour of the one we've bought him...any tips on decorating...remember Im a novice so make sure your advice is 'cake decorating for dummies'

marley, Mar 22, 10:36am
When it comes to storing it - how do I do that??? Like just in an aitight container or on the board with gladwrap over it??? Its going to be too big for any container I have hence why I said the board??? I am planning to make it tomorrow and the birthday is Thursday - I will ice it Thursday morning while he is at school....Also do you have any butter cream recipes???

marley, Mar 26, 4:53am
THANK YOU!!!! The cake was great and turned out perfectly - my decorating wasnt so flash but it didnt matter my son loved it!!! And Im eating a piece now 2 days later and it is lovely and moist!!! Thanks so much!!! Will keep that recipe on tap for sure!!!

kiwitrish, Jul 5, 8:27pm
bump for marley.

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