Flourless vanilla cake recipe?

racheee, Apr 18, 10:03pm
Does anyone have a tried and true recipe?I could do a carob one too, but the recipe I have is not always successful, and the other ones I am looking at adapting from choc all have melted choc in them.
Hopefully someone can help please!?

marcs, Apr 19, 11:26am
I make a rasberry and coconut one but you can adapt it to making just chocolate.
225g of castor sugar,
6 eggs,
180g almond meal
70g coconut thread (or use all almond meal making 250g)
1 heaped tsp of baking powder.

Mix all together. I add 250g of raspberries but you can try and add chocolate if you want or a couple of tsp of vanilla.

bake in a lined 20cm tin at 170c fan forced. If the top starts colouring too fast, cover it with a lid of foil.

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