Was pleasantly surprised countdown vanilla cake

angel361, Sep 30, 12:59am
mix for $2 as packet.Heard about and found it today - what a surprise - only vanilla mind you, i dont bake but im sure you could add lots of different things to make it different - could do it in the mocrowave as well.

geldof, Sep 30, 1:27am
It's great to make quick cupcakes for shared lunches etc.

angel361, Sep 30, 8:47pm
Thanks geldof

zappi, Sep 30, 10:31pm
Not far back these cake mixes were 99c.They are great standbys.The chocolate one is good too.

angel361, Sep 30, 11:59pm
they didnt have the chocolate one at my countdown, maybe at the other one - we have two in my area.