sour dough starter/bread

shimmygirl, Mar 9, 2:00am
Does anyone here make their own sourdough bread? I've made a starter but after looking online I'm wondering if it's too wet? I've used rye and water. Any advice?

pixiegirl, Mar 9, 2:16am
there is a break making thread and also a thread started by buzzy I think that is titled "sourdough - success at last"Use the seach button on the LFH, put in sourdough and anytime for date posted and it should bring up what you are looking for.

uli, Mar 9, 3:52am
Yes - rye and water is ok. What is your problem exactly?
Read through this thread - and I am sure all answers will be there: asp
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shimmygirl, Oct 15, 2:58am
Wow! What a fab thread and lots of good links for other sites. I've just popped the kettle on for a cuppa and I'm in for a long read. Thanks very much.