Need a freezable cookie dough recipe please

shopaholic104, Jun 30, 11:06am
Just wondering if anyone has a nice cookie dough recipe that can be stored in the freezer please? Thanks

alebix, Jun 30, 12:37pm
Pretty much most of not all cookie doughs can be frozen. All supermarket biscuits are frozen dough before they get cooked...

The only ones I would freeze are the crumbly type ones. .

cookessentials, Jun 30, 7:15pm
I have a great Margaret Fulton recipe which is a real goodie. You can freeze it or keep in fridge for a long period of time. You make it into a log and then sliice biscuits off and bake, you can add various ingredients for different flavours etc... will have to look for it though.

cookessentials, Sep 19, 7:43pm
Found it on the biscuits and slices thread

Refrigerator Biscuits-Makes 6 dozen! ! This dough can me stored, wrapped in freezer for months. Also can be stored for up to two weeks in fridge.
185g butter;1 cup firmly packed brown sugar;1 egg;1 tsp vanilla;2 1/4 cups flour;1/2 tsp salt;1/2 tsp baking powder. Cream butter & sugar, add egg and vanilla, beat well. Sift fliour, salt & b. p. Stir into creamed mix. Wrap in plastic wrap or foil, freeze until needed. cont... .

Quotebrianmac (133 )3:25 pm, Sat 29 Jul #74
Slice thinly Put on a baking tray and bake in pre heated mod oven for 7-10 mins. Can be decorated with cherries or almonds or brushed with egg white and sprinkled with sugar before baking. . Makes 6 dozen.

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