Rising dough in the oven???

buster31, Mar 11, 10:12pm
Can this be done? What temperature should I use?

Thanks in advance.

kiwitrish, Mar 11, 10:32pm
I do it in my oven but I have a defrost setting which I use.

cookessentials, Mar 12, 12:02am
I have also, I set it at the lowest temp, then turn off, add the bread in it's covered bowl and away you go!

vinee, Mar 12, 2:15am
If I'm feeling impatient with my dough I run some hot water into the sink and put an up turned bowl in, sit the bowl/tin of dough on top.
and cover the sink with an oven tray. Your dough wont dry out then.
I have heard of people putting the dough in a cold oven with a bowl of boiled water and shutting the door - same sort of effect.

eastie3, Mar 12, 3:48am
My SIL puts hers in the car on a warm day, although it wouldn't work on a day like this(a southerly front is just screaming through Wellington).

uli, Mar 12, 6:53am
I put my dough into the fridge over night to rise. Much better overall result.

hawki1, Mar 12, 6:57am
I read just recently that you can warm your oven to the lowest temp, turn it off and place your dough on the open door to rise? ? ?

Where are our old fashioned hot water cupboards when you need them... ... it just is not the same with all those lagged pipes and wrapped cylinders these days is it? ? ? ... . lol

cookessentials, Mar 12, 7:07am
We have a lovely old hot water cupboard in the new house we bought - a lovely old fully restored 1930's bungalow, complete with the food safe on the outside wall! - I keep my preserves in there.

vinee, Mar 12, 12:25pm
Of course you dont NEED warmth to make it rise, as Uli says.
But if you want fresh bake bread RIGHT NOW. it'll speed things up.

Do you know what I don't like about the fridge method and also sourdough? Kneading cold dough! It just seems unnatural somehow. .

kiwi.adventures, Mar 13, 12:48am
a brick in the toilet? what do you mean! ! ! ! ! !

kiwigoldie, Mar 13, 2:00am
my brother (chef) does it in the dishwasher! ! ! ... i didnt believe it until i saw him do it... have dishwasher empty... turn it on until it has run partway thru a cycle so that it is warm and moist inside... turn dishwasher off, them put in the bread/buns whatever in the tin or tray you are going to bake... close door... check to see when it is risen enough... . apparently this simulates a proper bread raising oven that bakers use... . raising with slightly warm and moist air...

uli, Mar 13, 2:13am
Haha alright ... why would you knead cold dough? That would defeat the whole purpose. Obviously you have no idea what cool rising does? ? ?

lythande1, Mar 13, 4:10am
Why bother kneading at all. No-knead is so much faster.

Yes heat oven to lowest temp, turn off, leave door open and put bread in.

Why not just put it in a warm room though? That does it.

dms01, Oct 26, 9:12pm
crock pots do a good job of raising bread :)
using any of these methods you just have to make sure your bread is protected from drying out

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