Breville dough recipe

monofoil, Aug 16, 1:59am
Hi, can anybody please help, threw out my old breville booklet, and the new one doesn't have the same recipes. i am after a dough recipe, in a breville breadmaker book that was about 5 years old. The new one uses scalded milk, but the one I had didn't, and made great rolls. thanks

chatsmom, Aug 16, 4:14am
I'm presumingyou are talking about a breadmaker? I've got an older Breville and yes, I've got the book. Can you remember what the recipe was called?

nauru, Aug 16, 4:35am
Are you just wanting a basic dough recipe? I have a breville breadmaker and there are several dough recipes in it.

monofoil, Aug 16, 8:17am
oops sorry yes breadmaker, I don't know what it's called probably master dough or something, not the sweet or pizza! It is quite different from the new one, but that's all i remember - no scalded milk

chatsmom, Aug 16, 8:52am
Here's the standard bread rolls dough recipe:
cols water 310ml, plain flour 3 1/2 c, sugar 2T, salt 1tsp, oil 2T, Egg *1, dry yeast 2 tsp
Put in order listed by breadmaker.

Is this the recipe?

monofoil, Aug 17, 1:09am
thanks, I will try that, the one I used had just an egg yolk, will try this one on the weekend.

monofoil, Mar 16, 11:43am
It worked! thanks