How do you make dough boys (motu motu) ??

sweethaert22, Aug 1, 7:03am
can some one please tell me
im planning on making a boil up

darlingmole, Aug 1, 7:09am
from memory it's a basic scone dough ... with some fresh herbs if you'd like.

The only scone recipe I have is this:

50 g butter
1 egg
2 C milk
4 C flour
6 y baking powder
300ml cream
1/ can lemonade

But I don't think this is the recipe you'll need for basic dough boys.

Keep asking! ! !

darlingmole, Aug 1, 7:15am
oops! it's supposed to read 6 tsp of baking powder

oopie, Dec 16, 4:44pm
Basic scone
3 cups plain flour
50 grams soft butter
4 teaspoons baking powder
pinch salt
milk to mix to a soft dough

sift flour, salt and BP, rub in butter, mix with milk to a soft dough. Handle as little as possible.

Personally, I just melt butter and mix it in with the milk - works the same.

I love dough boys