Sour dough starter

infinityjrc, Nov 12, 7:52am
Hi can people who make sour dough bread help me with some tips for making a good starter.What flour do you use!Do you make it solely from Wheat flour or can you use other types!Can you make it from sprouted grains, I have heard about this but wondered about the how to!I have a book I am waiting for from the library and am hoping that that will help, how many calories does sour dough bread have and and how much more healthy is it compared to normal bread, what are best tins to cook it in and does it freeze well.What other things do you use your starter for!How long does the starter keep I live on my own and would not eat alot of bread which is why I am wondering.

deus701, Nov 12, 8:02am
Some starters are 100+ years old. I heard of people drying their starters into powder for future use.

uli, Nov 12, 8:59pm
Mine is quite old - you only need a fridge to store it - mine "woke up" after years of neglect after I started a good feeding program for it :)

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