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nauru, Mar 13, 7:34am
If your boys like surimi, you could chop it up and mix with some mayo as a filling.I like chicken, tuna or salmon/smoked salmon in my sushi.You have to put the sushi vinegar inthe rice as that gives it flavour. For littlies I usually grate veges into the filling, great way to get the veges they don't like into them.

nauru, Mar 13, 7:40am
I don't like the powder, it's better to make your own vinegar for the rice, then you can control the salt/sugar used.Sushi keeps OK in the fridge overnight and the nori is not "slimy".I have done this often and it keeps OK

richard198, Mar 13, 10:53am
Not so. What we see a lot of here is Makizushi (Sushi rolled with Nori) although there are many other forms of Sushi without Nori such as Chirashizushi, Inarizushi, Narezushi, Nigirizushi (we see a lot of that here) and Oshizushi.
(Makizuchi on sale in Japan; rolling up is so right in Japan)

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